Sunset at Mt. Srđ 14/02/2017


It looks like I need to get used to the hiking thing because that’s what I do these days. Today was a pretty relaxed day, we explored the hidden streets of the Old Town in the morning and went for a hike in the afternoon.

We decided to walk up to Mt. Srđ to watch the sunset. It took us a bit to find the right way to the walking trail since Dubrovnik’s hidden stairs and crooked streets don’t make it that easy for the GPS to always find the shortest way. The trail leading to Mt. Srđ starts with stone stairs (as everything here in Dubrovnik) and zigzags its way up to the top of the hill. It took us approx. 40 minutes to walk to the top. At the top of the hill, there is a fortress called Fort Imperial, which houses the Museum Dubrovnik in Homeland War I have yet to visit.

The view from the 412 m high hill was stunning. We watched the sun go down and then we stumbled down the hill in the darkness. Well, half of the way down was alright and for the other half we used our phones as torches. Of course I brought a torch with me in case I needed it on some of my trips… but I left it safely tucked away in my bedside table.

I can safely say that this was not my last time at Mt. Srđ ♥




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