The Seaside Cardigan

seaside cardi

Ever since I learned to crochet and knit, I tried to make my own clothes rather than buying them. I love creating and experimenting, and let’s be honest, sometimes the shops just don’t have what your heart yearns for. When I learned more about different yarn types, their features and qualities, buying cheap knitwear that the shops are flooded with (the high-street shops I can afford with my student budget, anyway) became unthinkable for me.

Firstly, I started making my own hats and headbands, then I moved to scarfs and mittens and now it’s also sweaters of all shapes and sizes. Over the years I managed to knit a pullover which I thankfully outgrew quite quickly (wasn’t a big fan of the colours, even though I picked them out myself), crocheted cardigan made using a pattern from Crochet Today! and then a long cardi/coat from merino wool (I actually wear this one a lot because it’s super warm and cosy). Even though I’ve always been proud of the fact that I made all of them by myself, there were mistakes or compromises that were annoying me a lot. Although I was probably the only one who could spot them,  it didn’t change the way I felt about them.

seaside cardi

This cardigan, however, is actually the first project I’m 100% happy with. I didn’t follow a pattern when making it but I had a very clear picture of the finished piece in my mind.

I started at Christmas and only finished it two weeks ago, since exam period at uni and my temporary move to Croatia slowed down the process considerably.

For this cardigan, I used 10 balls of Basic Merino from Katia yarns. It is a beautiful blend of 52% merino wool and acrylic fibre. It’s soft, warm and very easy to work with. I made the body of the cardigan in double seed stitch and the cuffs and edging in 1×1 rib.

As for the name, it seemed appropriate to call it something sea-related since I finished it in Dubrovnik. So there it is – The Seaside Cardigan.

seaside cardi



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